Do you need to spruce up a dilapidated flower bed that has overgrown weeds or sun-faded bark? Old Faithful can give your landscape the face lift it needs. Whether you’re looking to conserve on water usage by using drip systems and soaker hoses or even if you want to eliminate lawn area for a brand new flower bed or garden area. Old Faithful has the answer, with a knowledgeable crew that can deliver a jaw-dropping landscape that will have your neighbors reeling.


Expanding a yard often means digging into a hillside. This requires a retaining wall to support the earth that has been exposed. We have built many types of retaining walls with a variety of materials. One thing remains constant; the quality of the craftsmanship that ensures the wall will stand the test of time. We make sure that everything is done right the first time to guarantee the quality of the landscape we are leaving behind.


Do you want an eccentric patio that isn’t just poured and stamped concrete? Our team has designed and built tons of different areas, where home-owners just like you can escape the walls of the house to enjoy the outdoor scenery. Large or small, our team can deliver a quality patio made of stone or pavers that will allow an enjoyable place to congregate in your lawn or garden.